Irish Week

12th edition of the English Week

Presentation of the week

The English Week is a week organized by four students that takes place every year in the TC department at the IUT of Vannes. This week is part of our study program and allows us to discover the Anglo-Saxon culture in an educational and interactive way.

Our theme for this twelfth edition is not a movie or a novel: it is a country with a Celtic culture that we wish to make TC students discover. It is of course Ireland!

This year the students will have the mission to impress the Leprechaun in order to win his pot of gold. But beware, the Leprechaun will expect a good knowledge of his country from the students!

Purpose of the Week

During the English Week, you will have several tasks to complete in order to please the Leprechaun. Don’t worry, it will be a piece of cake for you !

The tasks will be as follows:

  • Participate to outdoor and indoor activities 
  • Follow classes in English
  • Do some challenges on Instagram
  • Meet native people

English Week members

Emma Rappeneau

Team Munster

Mathéo Le Houérou

Team Connaught

Ysée Salas

Team Ulster

Emma Bongrand

Team Leinster